Joseph Williams – 10 Principles for Writing Coherently

Ten Principles for Writing Coherently

  1. In your introduction, motivate readers with a problem they care about.
  2. Make your point clearly, usually at the end of that introduction.
  3. In that point, introduce the important concepts in what follows.
  4. Make everything that follows relevant to your point.
  5. Make it clear where each part/section begins and ends.
  6. Open each part/section with a short introductory segment.
  7. Put the point of each part/section at the end of that opening segment.
  8. Order parts in a way that makes clear and visible sense to your readers.
  9. Begin sentences constituting a passage with consistent topics/subjects.
  10. Create cohesive old-new links between sentences.

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace

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