A simple text reconstruction exercise

INSTRUCTIONS: Number the sentences in the order you believe they appear in the original paragraph. Then copy the paragraph on a sheet of paper.

Important: Don’t copy word for word! Try to remember 5 to 10 words (and punctuation marks) at a time.

_____ A crane would take away your courage and your skill—three cranes would leave you with as much fight as a lettuce leaf.
_____ There were signs that told a warrior to fight, or to pack up and go home.
_____ They believed that there were good days for fighting and bad days.
_____ The Celts were fearless fighters yet they could easily be put off a fight.
_____ If he saw a crane bird, for example, he knew that would bring him bad luck.

Adapted from:
Deary, Terry. The Cut-Throat Celts. Illus. Martin Brown. London: Scholastic Children’s Books, 1997. (Print.) (5).

The author’s paragraph here.

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