Independent clause

Rex barks. [INDEPENDENT CLAUSE, also called a MAIN CLAUSE]

An independent clause has:

An independent clause does not have:

  • a subordinator or a relative pronoun at the beginning [“I did my homework” is a independent clause. “When I did my homework” is not an independent clause. “I got that at the mall” is a complete sentence. “that I got at the mall” is not an independent clause.]

Rex || barks.

An independent clause is a complete sentence in and of itself. It can “stand alone.”

Independent clauses:
Rex barks.
Rex chases the cat.
Rex seems hungry.

Independent clauses inside compound sentences:
Rex barks, and he growls.
Rex || barks, and he || growls.
Rex [SUBJECT] barks [FINITE VERB], and he [SUBJECT] growls [FINITE VERB].

Rex barks, and Tigger meows.
Rex || barks, and Tigger || meows.
Rex [SUBJECT] barks [FINITE VERB], and Tigger [SUBJECT] meows [FINITE VERB].

Each one of the clauses in the compound sentences above has a subject and a finite verb, so each on can “stand alone” as a complete sentence:
Rex barks.
He growls.
Tigger meows.

Independent clauses inside complex sentences:
When the postman comes, Rex barks.
Rex is chasing the cat that belongs to my next door neighbor.
Rex seems hungry although I just fed him.

When the postman comes,” “that belongs to my next door neighbor,” and “although I just fed him” are all dependent clauses.  They must be attached to an independent clause in order to be grammatically correct.

They cannot “stand alone.”

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