Old Testament & New Testament

The literature of the New Testament could not be more different from that of the Hebrew Scriptures. The Old Testament is written in classic Hebrew. It was compiled and edited over more than a thousand years. It includes history, law, prophecy, speeches, prayers, poetry, and songs.

The New Testament was written in popular, or koine, Greek. This was the language of the market and seaports. It was written within a period of not quite a century. It is less than one-third the size of the Hebrew Scriptures, and it centers upon the life and impact of one person. Yet, for Christians, the two collections of writings together reveal God’s word and set forth the ideals upon which much of civilization, its literature, and its culture have been formed.

Schippe, Cullen and Stetson, Chuck. The Bible and Its Influence. New York: BLP Publishing, 2006. Print. (196.)

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