How fast is fast enough?

A rough rule of thumb: many “component skills” (e.g. writing a grammatically correct sentence, properly punctuated) can be performed as fast as you can write or type, assuming you write or type very quickly. I type 110 wpm, and I can write sentences at that rate. That means I’m fluent in sentence-writing: I  can write a complicated sentence quickly, accurately, and automatically, without having to think about it.

Frequency aims for handwriting, sentence combining, and college-level reading:

  Handwriting (or typing) 180-160 letters or punctuation marks per minute  
  Sentence combining 25 to 20 words combined into grammatically correct, properly punctuated sentences in 3 minutes; no mistakes  
  College-level reading 250 to 200 words read out loud with no more than 1 or 2 errors per minute

Precision teaching materials always put the high aim first, so I am following suit.

Timing charts and instructions here.

Doesn’t Everybody Need Fluency? by Carl Binder, Ph.D.

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