Exit examination

The Exit Exam is make or break: if you fail the exam (which we do not want to happen!) you fail the course.

The exit exam is graded by the English department, not by your instructor.

Practice Exit Exam: Mon, Apr 16 IN-CLASS
Exit Exam: to be scheduled


  • For the exam, you’ll write one 5-paragraph essay: Classification, Definition, or Simple Argument (your choice).
  • One Classification question, one Definition question, and one Simple Argument question are given to you by the English Department; you choose which one to write about.
  • Exam is closed-book.
  • Dictionaries are allowed and strongly encouraged.

Exit exams are scored according to the following criteria:

  1. Is the paper 5 paragraphs long?
  2. Is the paper a classification, definition, or simple argument (depending on which question you’ve chosen)?
  3. Does the introduction include a thesis statement?
  4. Do the three “body paragraphs” each begin with topic sentences?
  5. Are the paragraphs “well-developed”? Does each paragraph have two to three examples from the stories we’ve read?
  6. Does the conclusion tell us why the thesis matters? (Does it ‘go beyond’ restating the thesis?)
  7. Are grammar and punctuation reasonably correct?
  8. Are most words spelled correctly?

Exemplary paragraphs:
Frank D’Angelo’s exemplary paragraph about the characters in fables
NV’s perfect paragraph
SM’s cohesive passage

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